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X-Ray kVp meter/mAs Meter: Model 820


This unit measures kVp, mA, and mAs. It can send data to an Android phone or tablet via Bluetooth connection. It measures from 45kVp – 125kVp or 40-115kVp (Model 820L)

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X-Ray kVp meter/mAs Meter: Model 820


  • Combines two instruments
    • kVp and mAs in one package
  • Easy to use
  • No need to set for AC / DC
  • Self-resetting
  • mA is stored permitting short exposures
  • Measures kVp and exposure time simultaneously
  • kVp is noninvasive
  • AC and DC X-rays
  • High accuracy
  • Measures kVp, mA, mAS, exposure time
  • Battery operated
  • One-Year Warranty
  • Compact size
  • Durable ABS plastic case
  • Custom carrying case included
  • New! Send data to a smartphone via Bluetooth

This Instrument Measures kVp, mA, mAs, and Exposure Time

The 820 kVp / mAs Meter combines all the features of our Model 815 kVp Meter and adds the mA and mAs measurement functions in one compact unit. The 820 is capable of measuring kVp, mA, mAs, and exposure time. The unit is self-resetting and automatically detects AC or DC X-ray currents, minimizing the possibility of inaccurate readings. With each mA reading, the unit stores and displays mA, mAs, and exposure time. mA is sampled for a representative length of time and saved. This allows shorter exposure times minimizing X-ray exposure and wear and tear on the X-ray head. The Model 820 contains exactly the same kVp measurement circuit and capability as our Model 815. The mA / mAs function has been squeezed into the unit. The Model 820 is battery-operated, user-friendly, and has a one-year warranty. Applications include verification of peak X-ray voltage, constancy checks, calibration of X-rays, and quality assurance measurement of exposure time. The unit is also used for half-value layer determination, troubleshooting and repair of X-rays, and quality control.

The cable supplied with the unit serves as a switch. When the cable is plugged into the unit, it is automatically configured for mA readings. When the cable is unplugged the Model 820 functions as a kVp meter.

The kVp Meter has CE Compliance.

All units come with a Certificate of Calibration. Yearly calibration is suggested.

The introduction of the Model 820 allows service personnel to carry one instrument rather than a mAs Meter and a kVp Meter.

New Improved Instrument

New Design Improvements to the Model 820 include the following:

  • Remote Readout
  • 820 kVp meter using remote readout

The all-new model 820 is now capable of transmitting data to an Android device via a Bluetooth connection. Go to the Google Play store on your smartphone and search for ECC BluetoothChat. Use this app to connect to your Model 820 and the readings will be sent directly to your phone’s display.

New X-ray Detectors

The Model 820 has been redesigned to use a new X-ray detector. The new detectors are more stable, more repeatable, and have a greater range than the previous versions. The measurement range is now 40 to 125 kV.

New Software Operating System

Improvements have been made in the internal microcomputer program that facilitates faster measurements. There is no minimum exposure time required for mA / mAs measurement. The mA and mAs measurements are more accurate because we are measuring the current for the entire X-ray exposure. The minimum exposure time needed for kVp measurements has been reduced to 40 ms (0.04 seconds). This allows more flexibility when the X-ray is set up based on mAs rather than the exposure time. This new feature virtually eliminates sources of error when certain techniques result in short exposure times. The shorter exposure times also give you less wear and tear on X-ray equipment as well as less X-ray exposure to test personnel.

This is a software-only change, therefore we will be able to retrofit any instruments that are sent to us for calibration.

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