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ECC produces high quality portable calibration and measurement devices for X-ray machines.
Our meters measure kVp, kVe, Dose, Dose Rate, mA, mAs, pulses, exposure time, and HVL.

Quality Products

Quality Products

We are a company dedicated to producing high quality x-ray calibration and measurement instrumentation at an affordable cost and are used in over 50 countries.

Precision Tested

Our instruments are precise enough to have passed the scrupulous testing and quality standards of organizations such as the U.S Navy and Army.

The Most Cost Efficient on the Market

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Latest News

ECC has moved to Ohio

Relocating and sharing space with our sister company Overhoff Technology has given us an expanded footprint for production and development of our globally recognized calibration and measurement instrumentation for x-ray …

ECC Is Proud To Announce

ECC is proud to announce its position within US Nuclear Corp. In 2016 Electronic Control Concepts became a division of US Nuclear Corp, a holding company specializing in the development …

Learn the History of Our Sister Company

Technical Associates Technical Associates was located at 3730 San Fernando Road, in Glendale, California in 1948. It later moved to 140 West Providencia Avenue in Burbank, California in 1953. The …