Regular Calibration of X-Ray Machines Is Critical

All states require regular calibrations to be performed and documentation provided for machines to be certified for use. This documentation of the history of regular x-ray machine calibration is required by some states upon demand and if not provided fines and potential closure is at risk.

Losing your x-ray license plus fines imposed by the state are penalties for not complying with these strict regulations are not the full picture. Additionally failure to regularly calibrate your x-ray machine finding symptoms of a deteriorating x-ray tube is just one benefit of regular calibration. Such deterioration will cause multiple problems including a shortened life span of the machine, a lack of contrast on images requiring repeated scans to obtain a clear image and in the end jeopardize patients, be labor intensive and financially costly.

ECC provides exceptional portable calibration and measurement devices providing you with in-house calibration of your x-ray machines. Avoid the need and expense to bring in a technician to calibrate your x-ray machine or if using a portable machine avoid the expense and logistics of sending the x-ray machine out for calibration.

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