Electronic Control Concepts

Instruments to measure kVp, kVe, mA, mAs, dose, dose rate, HVL, pulses, and exposure time of X-rays

Dose/kVp/mAs Combination Kit

820_890kit (4).JPG
820_890kit (4).JPG

Dose/kVp/mAs Combination Kit

2,355.00 2,650.00

We are pleased to announce the availability of a kit combining two of our best selling products! 
Customers can buy the Model 820 and a Model 890 with Remote Sensor as well as a hard case to carry and protect the instruments on sale for $2355. These instruments and accessories sold separatly cost $2650.

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For international orders (Outside the U.S.) please contact ECC directly at: 800-VIP-XRAY(800-847-9729) or 513-248-0326 (Local)
or send an e-mail to: sales@eccxray.com

Calibrated to instruments traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology: www.nist.gov