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Instruments to measure kVp, kVe, mA, mAs, dose, dose rate, HVL, pulses, and exposure time of X-rays


We are now offering a kit specifically for measuring dental x-rays (at a discounted price).
The kit consists of the ECC Model 815L to measure kVp on dental x-rays, and the Model 890 which measures dose. Both instruments also measure exposure time. The kit gives the user the ability to measure kV, dose, and HVL and consistency measurements which are required by several regulatory agencies.

We have added some video descriptions of a few products as well as some tutorial videos which can be found in the video section.

Anyone interested in the topic of x-ray quality control should check out our new article on the subject, written by our president Gary Bischoff. Article on x-ray quality control testing

The UXI now has a clamp on (non-invasive) current meter as an optional accessory.

All products (excluding the XD-88) now include a hard case that will protect the instrument (size proportional to product).

Product Overview

The following table gives a quick overview of the X-ray characteristics each instrument is capable of measuring.

InstrumentkVpmA/mAsExposure TimeDose/ Dose Rate

We are pleased to announce the availability of a new product. The Universal X-ray Instrument (UXI). This is a significant new product that combines the best of our instruments into one universal instrument.

The UXI consists of an Android Tablet(Used as a display) and a small detector box that is placed under the x-ray. The tablet is connected to the detector by a 14 foot USB cable. One exposure measures all parameters
(HVL requires 3 exposures).

The UXI x-ray meter measures the following:

  • Peak and effective voltages in the x-ray head - kVp/kVe

  • X-ray tube current - mA

  • Exposure time - in ms

  • mAs - product of mA and exposure time

  • X-ray Dose - in both mR and uGy

  • Dose rate - in Rad per minute and uGy / min

  • Number of pulses

  • Half Value Layer (HVL)

    • Requires three exposures, two with added filtration

    • Built in HVL calculator

To learn more, please go to Universal X-ray Instrument page..


ECC is pleased to announce the availability of a kit combining two of our best selling products. Customers can buy the Model 820 kVp/mAs/exposure time meter and the Model 890 with Remote Sensor x-ray dose meter as well as a hard case to carry and protect the instruments for $2355! This kit can measure kVp, mA, mAs, dose, dose rate, and exposure time. 

These instruments and accessories sold separately cost $2650.

HVL Application

ECC is pleased to announce that we have a smart phone application to make it very easy to calculate Half Value Layer (HVL). Use our Model 890 X-ray Dose Meter to measure dose with different thickness of Aluminum (Al) filtration. Simply type in the Al thickness and dose readings and the app will calculate the HVL. This application is available for Android phones and tablets. Learn more by going to our X-ray Dose Meter Page.

Redesigned 8700

The Model 8700 pulse meter/exposure time meter, has been redesigned to give users the most modern instrument available for testing x-ray exposure time. The improvements include:

  • Multi character display makes operation and understanding of results easier.
  • Pulsed x-ray (half wave and full wave) exposure time can now be measured in pulse mode or in ms mode.
    • User can measure exposure time by counting pulses or get actual time in ms.
    • Makes operation easier
  • Improved sensitivity means that you can measure the exposure time of very low level x-rays.
  • Improved x-ray intensity range allows use with high energy x-rays.
  • Exposure time accuracy is improved to +/- 1%.

For more information go to the Model 8700, X-ray Pulse Counter page.

Model 8200A Production Has Ended

Electronic Control Concepts was the last company manufacturing and selling replacement timers for x-rays. The demand for these timers has declined to the point where it is not economically feasible for us to continue making these timers. We regret any inconvenience this may cause our customers.

For international orders (Outside the U.S.) please contact ECC directly at: 800-VIP-XRAY(800-847-9729) or 513-248-0326 (Local)
or send an e-mail to: sales@eccxray.com

Calibrated to instruments traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology: www.nist.gov